Chain Link Fence Process

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Chain Link Fence Post Installation
Northland Fence specializes in residential chain link fence installations throughout the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Our fence post installation is not only the cleanest look but our posts are also driven below the frost line. This gives the tightest possible hold and we can guarantee no posts heaving.
  1. Fence Post Installation
    Northland Fence drives our chain link fences a minimum depth of 42" into the ground. Doing this we can guarantee that your fence post won't heave from our tough frozen Minnesota ground. Unlike, many of our competition who set their posts in concrete.
  2. Chain Link Sections
    At Northland we break each section down to 8 feet long or less and we also use a larger 2" line post. Doing this makes our fences the strongest residential chain link fences around. Most Minnesota fence companies build their fences with 10' sections and 1 5/8" line posts.
  3. Fabric/Wire
    Northland Fence only uses 11 gauge galvanized chain link fabric and our black chain link fabric is 11 gauge core with an 8 gauge finish. Many of the box stores only sell inferior, cheap, light 11.5-12.5 gauge fabric.
  4. Top-Rail and Fastening
    Northland Fence wire is fastened a half a diamond above the top-rail. This ensures that the fence tie doesn't support the full weight of the fabric. Others, who install the fabric flush with top-rail, will put stress on the fence tie and it will stretch and sag as it can't handle the weight of the fence.
  5. Chain Link Warranty
    When the unexpected happens make sure you have the right company that stands behind their fence products. Our chain link fences come with a 10-year warranty on labor and a 15-year warranty on materials.
  6. No Subcontractors
    Northland Fence takes pride in having our fence installation crews as paid employees. We are fully insured with workers' comp and general liability insurance. This protects you and all of our installers from unforeseen events.